Project Logistics Service Indonesia

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Logistikku which is an Indonesian project logistics service. Very understanding logistics activities in simple terms, it is a process that takes care of an item or object which starts with planning then continues with procuring and selecting appropriate transportation and of course storage, distribution and delivery to the agreed destination. by customers with logistics services.

Basically, the actual type of logistics service depends on what transportation will be chosen or used and is related to what type of goods will be sent. Currently, our company only uses sea and land routes, but even though we don’t yet support air routes, many customers are interested in using land and sea routes to send their goods, our deliveries can reach all parts of Indonesia and of course the service The door to door that we apply is not just for the central city or certain areas, but we also apply it to all customers wherever they are. So there’s no need to worry! You can wait for our team to come to pick up your goods without the hassle of having to take them to the outlet.

When someone wants to send goods, of course there needs to be complete trust or confidence between the customer and the service provider, especially if you are sending goods for business needs. For example, if you are a business person who plans to send your business package to your customer, of course you need to be careful in finding a service provider who can be invited to collaborate in sending the goods. Not only for business people or business entities but also applies to individuals who plan to send goods either for moving or other purposes.

Just entrust your logistics project with Logistikku who can handle the delivery of your goods, whatever the destination. With all types of heavy equipment and also means of transportation that can really support your load, we will still help you adjust the dimensions, volume, and your budget so that you will feel safe when booking logistics with us.

Not only that, plus an experienced field team, we can ensure that your logistics cargo can be delivered on time and in safe conditions, of course. Because this is our goal for your satisfaction as well as being our customer. For us, by contributing by planning a thorough plan, delivery will be realized.

For this reason, we will provide advice in the form of assessment and time limits.

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